Respite Services

At CSS, our compassionate staff is committed to helping people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) live their lives to the fullest. Our extensive services can provide support for the entire family. Program participants receive services providing an environment in which they can flourish, strive for independence and contribute to community life. Care givers will get knowledgeable answers from our staff and guidance to supportive services that can benefit the whole family.

Important Benefits of Respite

  • Short term, temporary relief. Relieving family members from the demanding responsibility of providing care to their loved one
  • DSPs provide care and supervision to protect a person’s safety in the absence of a family member
  • DSPs help meet the basic needs and other responsibilities
  • Respite is the most requested service by family members, and yet it is incredibly in short supply
  • Respite enables people with I/DD to stay in their own home
  • Respite is 65%-70% less costly that maintaining people in institutions

Our Respite services are provided by a support team that includes a Service Coordinator (case manager) and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) as well as the individual and their family. Respite allows parents and caregivers to take some time to themselves while the program participant receives professional, supervised support. Respite services can be Individual Respite (one-on-one support) and/or Group Respite.

Individual Respite is one-on-one support that can take place inside participants’ homes and/or in the community. Each participant is matched with a trained CSS DSP who will engage in activities with them.

Group Respite Services engage individuals in fun group outings including meals out, movies, seasonal activities, cultural events, and field trips to nearby sights. Group Respite fosters social interactions, community integration, group decision making and problem resolution among people with I/DD of similar ages and interests. A monthly schedule of dates and activities is provided upon registration.

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Group Respite (Social) Activities
Pre-registration is required! Contact your Service Coordinator for a monthly schedule of activities and to register. Not registered yet? Click here for intake information.  

  • Tuesday Night Group Respite: 6:00-9:30 p.m., Brookfield. Community-based, fun outings for adults with I/DD ages 18+.
  • CSS Academy Programs – Social, vocational, and educational classes are always ongoing at the CSSA in Brookfield!  Classes range from art and crafts, fitness, and cooking.

    To speak with a CSS staff member about Respite, you may email Please include your name and a phone number for you to receive a response. Or fill out an intake form.