Residential and Independent Living

Our Residential and Independent Living Services are designed to help adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities access a broad spectrum of supports so that they can lead independent lives. Our participants have different needs; thus, the resources and supports that we provide are tailored specifically for each person and last as long as necessary. When an adult seeks help from CSS, we work with them to determine a mutually agreeable level of service, using the following three categories as an entry point:

Once the level of service is ascertained, we create customized service plans which outline goals and objectives that include learning, maintaining, or increasing personal and/or household management skills. Then, we provide services in the home or in the broader community, focused on such activities as housekeeping, cooking, budgeting, socialization, or vocational skills.

Our Investments in this Important Program

Recognizing the importance that a safe and dignified environment provides for our participants, CSS routinely raises funds and invests in this program. Here are examples of capital improvements that have been made to our eight group homes. Funds raised have come from CSS families, community members, and private funders. We are proud to continually invest in our programs and most importantly in the participants we serve.

To speak with a CSS staff person about Adult & Residential Services, you may email Please include your name and a phone number or email for you to receive a response. Or fill out an inquiry form.