“I love the Community360 Day Program! I get support when I go there and I always have a lot of fun. Its like a family here!”

- Danielle, CSS Participant

“When our son, Michael, turned 22, we were in need of some place for him to go every day that would help him grow, have social connections, and do community outings, plus feel good about himself. We were fortunate enough to find Community360, and are grateful every day for this wonderful program.”

- Judi M., CSS Parent

“CSS made our nephew’s transition into the group home happen so easily after the death of his father. We had high standards for his living situation, and they made it happen. We are thankful for this magnificent team.”

- Tom & Kathy V., CSS Caregivers

“Thank goodness we found this program! This amazing class is a treasure for my daughter, Kelly Rose. Each week is exciting for her. She has created some remarkable works of art, and learned so much about her favorite animals at the zoo. She has also made some wonderful new friends. We look forward to being a part of it for a long time.”

- Carmella L., CSS Parent

“Our Direct Support Professional (DSP) takes time with Jason so I can teach art classes.”

- Carolyn, CSS Parent

“Before learning about CSS, I was at home, bored, a little depressed, without much to do.”

- Chris, CSS Participant

“I appreciate the Job Coaching aspect of working with CSS. A Job Coach actually learned the job before Brandi arrived to help ensure it was a smooth transition.”

- Dave Casey, Owner, Casey’s Market CSS Supported Employment Partner

“Thanks to CSS and your donors! You helped us apply for and earn a state grant for Illinois Vehicle Modification Grant. My daughter, Brianna and I can now explore, experience, and enjoy all that the world has to offer. Brianna and I have choices and with the new accessible van, we can finally do fun activities together."

- Zenny, CSS Parent

“At CSS I feel independent and I like my friends."

- Karel, CSS participant

“A neighbor saw Pierre at the library with his CSS support worker, and asked if he was with a family member because the person was so patient with him."

- Elayla, CSS parent

“CSS is a great agency with great programs. Jorge wakes up every morning excited to attend the Day Program and is upset when he has to miss a day."

- Cristina, CSS parent

“Tina is more outgoing and looks and acts like a new person.”

- Andrea Hicks Jones, CSS coordinator