Home-Based Support Services

Support for Your Family

At CSS, our compassionate staff is committed to helping people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) live their lives to the fullest. Our extensive services provide support for the individual as well as the entire family. Program participants receive services providing an environment in which they can flourish, strive for independence and engage in community life. Caregivers will get knowledgeable answers from our staff and guidance that can benefit the whole family.

CSS provides Home-Based Support Services to individuals enrolled in the Children’s and Adult Waivers through Illinois DHS/DDD. Participants may choose from Self-Directed Assistance and a variety of Respite options based on their Personal Plans.

Know your options. Click here for an explanation of CILA and Home Based Services at CSS.

CSS’ Home-Based Support Services Can Help in the Following Ways:

  • Provide Self-Directed Assistance (SDA)
  • Provide skills training to families and participants
  • Assist with recruiting, hiring, and managing Personal Support Workers (PSWs)
  • Assist with monthly budgeting and funding allocations
  • Advocate and recommend support and services
  • Other duties assigned during the Personal Plan process

Respite Service Options

Individualized support can take place inside participants’ homes and/or in community settings depending on the needs and desires of the persons served. Personal Support/Respite options to choose from include:

  • Self-Directed Staff – You hire, train and supervise your own Personal Support Worker (PSW).
  • Group Respite – Site or community-based group activities designed to engage individuals in fun group outings including dining out, going to movies, cultural events, and field trips, etc. Group Respite fosters friendships, social interactions, and community integration among people with I/DD of similar ages and interests.

CSS has been in partnership with families like yours since 1981 providing specialized support for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We are accredited by CQL, the Council on Quality andLeadership, which means you can count on high quality, dependable services by our staff. Each year, we serve hundreds of families across more than 50 communities.

An Essential Resource

“I am 100% satisfied with the efficient services that my family receives.” —Lydia R.

“We are not only satisfied but my husband and I have a great deal of trust and confidence in our Home-Based Facilitator.” —Alexa P.

“CSS is an essential resource for people with special needs.” —Joan V.

Access to CSS Services

With Home-Based Support Services funding, you are eligible for the following CSS Services:

  • A Service Coordinator (SDA) to help plan the types of supportives services you want to receive.
  • Individual or group Respite services which help individuals develop self-esteem, independence, and social skills while enjoying greater participation in community life.
  • CSS Academy Programs which offer a robust catalog of classes and workshops in the areas of the arts, health/wellness, life skills and technology.
  • Clinical services including counseling and behavior analysis and support by licensed professionals.
  • Support for transitional periods such as leaving high school and moving into adulthood.

Parents Believe in CSS

Families consistently rank their satisfaction with our services at or above 95% because they recognize that our supportive services improve the quality of life for their loved one.