We Must Take Action!

You might have heard… that there is a proposed 2.5 million DSP service hours being cut statewide. The proposed cut takes millions of dollars out of the community system –nearly 10% of the workforce!

The proposed cut of more than $86Million from the Community Integrated Living Arrangements(CILAs) residential system through the implementation of the NEW CILA Rate Calculator would be devastating to our residents and their families! Our residents and family members deserve the support that they need to live and work in their communities of choice. All of the 14,000+ people on the Priority of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) wait list and languishing in State Operated Development Centers (SODCs) deserve the opportunity to live their lives in their communities. If the CILA System loses more than $86 Million or nearly 10% of its funding, those currently receiving, waiting for, or providing services will end up falling off a cliff. Here is what you can do! Reach out to the leaders of the State of Illinois to share your concerns.

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